Listen Carefully...

If we listen carefully enough, if we look and look until we're finally truly looking, we see all distinctions fade away. Male, female. Right, wrong. Happiness, sadness. If we just focus enough, look deeply with commitment, forget what we've been told, quit stopping short of truth and allow our vision to penetrate appearances, what we see again and again is the same thumping heartbeat.

That heartbeat isn't happy, that heartbeat isn't sad. That heartbeat is primal earth pulse, it's love, it's the fluid electricity that creates a thousand worlds and makes the distinction between you and me, him and her, happiness and sadness even possible.

So before you go getting caught up in who you think you are, or what you think it means, or become overly fascinated with yourself or any stories that are floating around your head.... slow down, listen and sense the core of cores in the simplicity of the moment, and in all that you see and all that you feel. Locate it through your intention to sense it, let it be revealed, and recognize this primal electric nothing heartbeat as the only you there is, was, and ever will be. As freedom itself. Take this into your weekend pipe and smoke it...maybe blend it with some lavender. happy new moon. xx