A Cage Called Freedom

Something very tricky that comes up again and again in spiritual "ways" is a misunderstanding about freedom. Freedom doesn't come from choosing to not be in relationship, or from not having a 9-5 job, or from traveling from place to place and not having one home, or from cutting yourself off from your family. Whenever freedom has conditions or any lack of unconditionality, it is a cage. Freedom is contextual NEVER-percent of the time.

Rather, freedom is just who you are, who we all are, whether we're in an awful relationship that we need to get out of, or a terrible job we don't like, or sick or happy or making love or drinking coffee. Freedom is our unalterable state of consciousness that breathes and thrives and exists eternally through all moments, situations, and challenges. It's the you that watches and watches and watches. 

Every single moment, we have the freedom to relax; we have the freedom to make new choices; we have the freedom to honor our inner voice; we have the freedom to remain present and listen to the moment; and we have the freedom and the unconditional capacity to melt back into love within. 

SO tell me, are you free? And if you don't feel free in someway, do you see how you have the freedom to make a new choice? If you feel locked up inside, cut off from your core, do you see that you have the freedom to choose to reconnect, to "work on it," to remember yourself? Be free, and be freedom in action.