Prayers for the Middle East

These are strong days in Palestine and Israel. The darkness that engulfs these two places and its people right now is tremendous. A sort of tremendous we may never experience firsthand. That we will never experience firsthand.

It is easy to sit back in our comfortable lives, get a bit lost in our daily worlds, and for what is happening there to not be at the forefront of our minds. Only to scroll through our news feeds and other media outlets to be reminded. Or perhaps it is naturally on your mind, in your heart, but for all of us the question is the same... what can I do?

It is not everyone's dharma to be an activist. And so if that's not your natural call, truly, what can you do? And, if you're a bit like me, this what can I do? question becomes a cry, a cry of the heart, a wishing there was something of impact to contribute to help this move. To help this insanity end.

The nature of what is happening in Gaza is darkness (and therefore, light). Of the unconscious (and therefore, the conscious). That is the root of what is happening there. Beneath the details, the complexity, the minutiae of crazy, the root is unconsciousness. Of the mind turning into schizophrenia. And for that, no matter how close or far we are, there is always something we can do.

Pray. Prayer is energy, and it is only a trick of the mind that we perceive things as being near or far, past or future. Should we choose to connect to Gaza, we are there. Our consciousness is there. And should we choose to pray, to fill with light and pour it all around us, then it is so. Our simple decision and fulfilled intention makes it so.

And so yes, there is something we can do. Something powerful. Something that connects to the root, the absolute cause of what is happening there. This is a complex situation that is beyond the realm of details. And anything so "complex" points to the same undercurrent: darkness, unconsciousness.

Shine your light. Take a moment out of your day to put yourSelf, your consciousness, in Gaza, in Israel, in Palestine, filling with love and knowing the power of your love is reaching the core of the beings there. Trust the power of your love. Think back to a time when you directly witnessed the power of your prayers, the power of your love, and let it inspire you to share your gift of light to heal this situation.

Life is a ceremony. Remember that. When living in the city, (as we do now), my partner and I have a "blackout hour" each evening where we turn off our phones and the internet, so no quick digital glimpses steal even a glimmer of energy. During this hour, we do what we need to do. We do what our souls are moving towards, are needing for expression, like drawing or writing or singing. And at the right moment during this time, we come together in meditation, honoring the deep connection we have with all beings, and we pray. We light candles. We breathe deeply. And we pray.

May we all remember the power of our love.