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I am a mother, writer/artist, and lover/student of life. To simply be alive and experience this wild and free-wheeling ride of being human is the greatest gift. Becoming a mother added a new dimension to my experience of life, my perspective, and the work I do with others. We are all, at our cores, innocent children of the Universe, and it is a profound honor to hold people's hands on their journeys and walk with them back to that place. 

I'm grateful to find myself over and over again in these deep dives into my soul. It is my soul and my connection to God that guides me and the work I do. I see God in all things, and so the learning is never-ending, and the work that I offer is constantly evolving.

At the moment, I am focused on creating the Life as Immersive Prayer online program and writing, and therefore have a limited schedule for one-on-one work. Having shared that: The personal sessions that I offer are focused on guiding you to clear the branches in the way of truth; into resting into the fullness of this moment and your care of your own being. This often includes helping you to discover the clear, simple perspective of what is really going on; and helping you to work through issues that keep the mirror hazy/prevent you from seeing/experiencing things clearly. The deeper we find ourselves in this inner simplicity, the more we find ourselves speaking, acting, and living in ways that are in alignment with what we truly desire and truly intend to create in our lives. In this way, all that we put out into the world is the seed of our prayer for our lives. Whether we are creating as we intend to create or unconsciously manifesting our fears, either way we are incredibly powerful beings. It is this vastness of our creative power that inspires my work.



Writer, author, and metaphysical guide Tehya Sky Eiko is clairvoyant and has been receiving messages about life via writing; working with spirit and light; and communicating with God since a young age. Having been naturally attuned to the power of belief/perspective since a child, she has remained fascinated by the meeting of mind and soul: that, through the power of our mind and shaping our mind/correcting our focus in positive, truthful ways, we can allow the guidance and vision of our soul's truth to employ the brilliance of the mind to birth the life of our highest vision. This is the theme and focus of her work. The integrated, embodied life.

This question guides her work: What happens when we shed the layers of our conditioning and work through our core issues (i.e. life themes/patterns, soul learnings, childhood etc), our past, our traumas, our diehard identities... all of which are aspects that often cloud our perspective, imprint our subconscious, and thus create thought-forms, beliefs, and determine that which we focus upon and thus that which we experience, (this is when the mind is often the master of the life)....  and then, as we work through these things, begin to switch the roles: allowing our mind (conscious and subconscious) to work for our heart and soul? What happens when we regard all of life as the spiritual practice, with full accountability for the reflections we perceive, the situations we wind up in, all as a path to Self/life/God discovery, clarity, integration, and meaningfulness?

Published on Ram Dass's blog on the relationship between desire and manifestation, (and desire's spiritual relevance), Sky is a channel, clairvoyant, a metaphysical/transformation guide, healing facilitator, a writer and an author. Her debut book A Ceremony Called Life: When Your Morning Coffee Is as Sacred as Holy Water was released in July 2016 through Sounds True (available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more).



The deepest, most continuous path of study in Sky’s life has been daily meditation and channeling via writing. Currently, Sky is venturing deep into the untold story of the body and the profound emergence of the body through Continuum Movement, (a physical movement practice), which is revealing a further opportunity for profound embodiment. Other schools have supported Sky and sometimes, their influence can be sensed in the undefinable work she shares. Influences include: Ceremonial work/ritual, including the Native American ritual of the Moon Dance which is a core part of Sky's personal work. It is a 4-day, all night prayer with the Abuelas (grandmothers) and sisters under the full moon each year (feel welcome to write to Sky to learn more as this is a circle that is open to all women). Red Road/Earth Ways. Motherhood. ThetaHealing, a modality of shifting limiting beliefs and thoughts in the subconscious.  Self-inquirywomen's work, and meditation are also tremendous guides for her and remain a part of her daily practice. Her daily practice is infused with tantric meditation, deep breathing, working with intimate relationship as a spiritual path, and remaining present through whatever shows up in life, and the welcome invitation to savor her daily tea and chocolate. Her greatest and oldest teachers are silence and the light, as well as nature, poetry, and music. Sky also writes poetry, inspired by the boundless depths of this divine life.


Sky's Path-Awakening Story

“Like many of you, I grew up in a deeply dysfunctional and unconscious family. Watching the daily circus was baffling and maddening. Somehow, I remember as a pre-verbal infant being able to see the dysfunction and the deep inner voice that told me to remain clear and to stay rooted in divine clarity. This message to remain in divine perspective was deep and reverberating, and led me to the understanding that I was able to—had toprotect my clarity and rely on my inner wisdom and connection to guide me and protect me through life. In other words, I became immediately aware of the limiting possibilities of conditioning via peers, societies, and family pressuring me to get on board with their perspectives, beliefs, and fears, and remained sharp to not let that happen. People often reflected to me that I had great energy, but that I was a pretty “weird”!

I thought I had been successful in remaining in a state of clarity and alignment, but by the time I was in my twenties, it became very clear to me that shit had hit the inner fan. I endured disappointment after disappointment in nearly all of my social and romantic relationships; I had become my own worst enemy. During this time, I read “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle and suddenly, I could see myself reflected in the difficulties I was experiencing. This was game-changer. Still, I was frustrated and angry about the box of patterns and routine I had found myself stuck in. Something had to give.

The realization of Presence came sharp and unexpected. It dawned on me suddenly and completely like a long forgotten friend from perhaps another life who you meet, recognize, and immediately love completely. I became smitten with Life, completely in love with the mystery at bay and followed the odd and destructive feeling to depart from my then-current life. Without much thought, I abruptly left a prized career in the music industry in favor of truth, God, and the unknown: With no plans and no financial security, (and with only the voice of my soul and the Divine guiding the way), I threw it all to the wind and drove up the coast from California to Seattle, windows down, music blasting, tears swelling, and smiling the whole way. This trip marked the beginning of a profound journey of gratitude, expansion, spirituality, surrender, de-conditioning, returning Home, and remembrance of the love within and the beauty of this precious life. The journey continues each day."