From Sorrow to Triumph: Making Every Moment of Life Sacred

Before Zen, mountains were mountains and trees were trees. During Zen, mountains were thrones of the spirits and trees were the voices of wisdom. After Zen, mountains were mountains and trees were trees. ~OLD BUDDHIST PROVERB No matter where we are along our journey, we are in a moment of the ceremony of life.

Seeing the Spirituality in Everything from OM to OMG by Tehya Sky

I have to say this now for if I don't I will burst: spirituality includes your humanness. It includes your weariness and stumbles as much as it includes your reverence and joy, and it includes Seinfeld as much as .

5 Ways To Use Any Fight As An Opportunity For Deeper Intimacy

It is inevitable that every now and then, we find ourselves in conflict with those closest to us. Our buttons are pushed, we're about to flip out, and we can't seem to get through to the other person. But conflict like this is a result of intimacy, and intimacy is a hallmark of love.

How To Turn Any Problem Into An Opportunity

There was a time in my life when anytime something didn't go the way I wanted it to go, I felt defeated. Nowhere was this more obvious than in my relationships with men. The guy I'm dating didn't call me? Panic. Date rescheduled? Downward spiral. I said something that could be misinterpreted?

Letting Our Wants Fall Away Into Desire by Teyha Sky * San Francisco Bay Area

Pure desire is divine fuel that attracts that which you are desiring. It's the yes in response to your anticipation of what's to come, what's right for you. Its song floats towards its resonance like gorgeous dancing smoke, luring its focus into manifestation.

15 Easy Ways To Get More Joy Out Of Every Day

So often we think of spirituality as purely related to the soul. But the mind and body are also part of the trifecta that makes us whole. Spiritual teachers often give us wonderful tips on how to get through the trials and tribulations of life, but because the body can have a huge impact on the mind, we need some guidance there as well.

Tehya Sky: The Meaning of Life and... To Live From the Heart

Nicolae Tanase: Tehya, what is the meaning of life? Tehya Sky: I don't know that it could ever be said better than the way Alan Watts put it, but I will try. The meaning of life is simply to be alive. We get so subjective about the whole thing that we attempt to make it...

Why a Hard Break-Up Was the Greatest Thing that Ever Happened to Me

How one of the most painful experiences of my life proved to be the greatest gift.

3 Tips To Stop Making Excuses and Start Getting Spiritual

Have you ever considered doing something "spiritual," like a yoga class or meditating, but didn't because you don't think of yourself as "that kinda person?" Or have you ever caught yourself five episodes deep in some TV series thinking about how much that choice clashes with your spirituality?