Don't Think About It - FEEL About It

“I’ll think about it” is one of the more common things we hear and say on a regular basis. When considering just about anything from casual plans to what we’re having for dinner to larger things like where we might go on vacation or where we might move to, the default pause is that we’ll *think* about it. 🕸

While, of course, thought has its place, if is often overemphasized in these moments. Often, what we need to do first is simply feel into what is right for us/the situation in a given moment. To drop into the body and feel where it is leading us. To connect with the intuitive voice and hear what it says. And then—and only then—think about it. Then the mind can enter the picture to support the intuitive voice. 🌟

Here’s what I mean: If I thought about it, I’d want pizza for dinner. If I felt about it, I’d realize my body needs soup and that tonight, pizza feels a bit like the opposite of what I need. Once the answer of soup comes, then the mind turns on to explore recipes and gather ingredients and get me to the shop to get what I need. 🍜

Another example: If I thought about it, I’d definitely go on that date with Jordan because he’s smart and good looking, has a good job, is nice—he looks good on paper. But if I felt about it, I’d hear my body and intuition reverberating a simple no, letting me know that while he seems great, he’s just not for me, for mysteriously reasons forever unknown that lead me correctly and lovingly along my path. 💋 
So please, don’t default into thinking about it. Each time you say “I’ll think about it,” may this post inspire a little bell to go off and prompt you to reorient and first ask yourself, “Ah, wait. I’ll feel into it first. What do I feel?”


Welcome to the Temple of Today.


Welcome to the Temple of Today means: the shrine, the holy place is this very day itself. We are always walking amongst the altar of a thriving temple: the trees, the grass, the singing birds. The breeze, the shining sun, the moonlit nights. The voices of hope on barren lands, the healing songs sung to precious waters. Falling leaves, vines wrapped around trees, smiling eyes, crying eyes—the altar never ends. ✨

That we live in the never-ending flow of Today; that the sun always comes up and the moon rises each night and we wake up again and again into TODAY tells us, reveals to us, that Today is all there is. Today is the temple, the holy place, where we may love and thrive and cry and die, where the ground will be glad to be soaked with our tears, where our bones will be held, only to rise again from these deep places into the light of day, still in the Temple of Today. 🌞 
We never arrive at tomorrow; where is it? It can only be Today, always, which is why Today feels SO BIG. Which is why Today feels like all there is. Because it IS all there is. And the sentient being feels that and gets the magnitude of the moment; but then the mind misinterprets that feeling of magnitude into a feeling of permanence. And fears that the difficulties faced in this moment may never end. 💧

The Temple of Today is always changing. Today may feel difficult, it may feel painful, we may be going through challenging chapters, but it will change. We may be going through high chapters too, which will also change. It feels huge because it’s TRUE that whatever’s here right now is ALL there is, but only for this moment. Understanding the root of -why a moment’s difficulties feel like they’ll never end- can be very helpful in dissolving its psychic roots. 🕸

Tread lightly in the Temple of Today, watering the Earth with your gratitude for being alive, and letting her hold your bones when you simply cannot find the will. Because the moon will rise, and the sun will too, again and again, and like all living things, your moment will live, and breathe, and die, and be reborn, over and over again, in the same momentous Today. Love xxxxxx Sky.