As I walk, I pray.


We are always praying, whether we realize it or not, simply because we are always reverberating a vibration that communicates something. Affirms something. And is beckoning the likeness of that affirmation towards us—godspeed. 🙏

As I walk, I pray, because my feet are talking to the Earth with each step. Reverberating a message into the world. Vibrating a statement. Singing a song. Affirming whatever I am focused upon. 👁

We can pray with awareness that we are always praying—which, in this context, means *giving off a message that yields creation, manifestation.* As I walk, I enjoy bringing my attention to this profound reality: That the simple act of walking is a prayer, that simply to walk with presence and gratitude nourishes the Earth, the airwaves—holds me in grace... That to walk aware of the prayer of my being STRENGTHENS the call of that prayer. The prayer of love, of respect for my relations—the people, the plants, the animals...the prayer of creativity, alignment, blessings, humility, connection..... 🔥

YES: We may behold the prayerful cycle of life, in continuous dialogue with Spirit, affirming simply through our attention, infusing the breath, the walk.... Ah, the beauty way of life 🙌 🌎🌺🔥🌸🌳 .