Comparison is Forbidden


COMPARISON IS FORBIDDEN. I like the word “forbidden” in this context because it reflects both the *severity* of comparison and the *totality* that is needed for cutting ties with comparative thinking. If it’s true, (and I believe that it is), that how you do one thing is how you do everything — and if it’s true, (and I believe that it is), that each moment impacts subsequent moments, then we can begin to understand why totality is needed if we are to step into the circle of our lives more powerfully, more truly. ⚔️ If we are, indeed, to show up as the main event in our wild unfolding, then we must cut ties with comparison. Now. Today. This moment. And forever. For good. Goodbye. 🗡 

Each time you are tempted to look up that person, to think about other people’s success (as juxtaposed to your own), to imagine the wonder of other people’s relationships — stop right there. Go no further. The moment the idea comes, cut ties with it. Break up with it.

You can, instead: Bring your attention back to your surroundings. Return to presence. Take a deep breath. Give yourself a break—or deal with whatever is relevant to you— without willingly throwing yourself down the drain of comparison that devours your energy, your vitality, your innocence. ⚔️ Do it now. For good. Forever. End all comparative moments before they begin. The magnetism to begin comparing may still come, but each time, wield your shining sword of spirit and say No to that—to habits that rob you of your vigor and shine—and Yes to you. You, as god made you. Wonderful, beautiful, hopefully a bit strange, and true. Love xx Sky.

With practice, if you are in totality, the urge to compare will fade. It’s just a pattern. BE TRUE TO YOU.