Life as a Happening

As far as I am concerned, as far as this ‘me’ is concerned, nothing is to be done. Things happen by themselves. We ourselves happen; we are happenings.
— Osho

This morning, while reading “I am the Gate” by Osho, (one of my bibles),  I came across these words and am reminded…

We have front row seats in this masterpiece of life. We come into this dimension for a relatively brief moment in time to explore, to allow, to experience life on this plane. May we remember this deeply and not take it all too seriously. We are here as a happening to get these front row seats we desired, to enter in form to play with life here, to be able to create in this dimension. That which we seem to be will come… and go… and in the most beautiful, profound way, none of it “matters.” When we begin to connect with that and to allow ourselves to be a passive channel to life…. and (here’s the key part, to me) to allow that channel to be infused with the energy of that which it “desires”… meaning that which feels right, that which one is guided towards…. then we get to play with life, in life in a deeply powerful way… taking none of it personally, allowing it all in surrender… and responding by placing our focus on that which we desire.